User Manual LED Piano

Instructions for Connecting the Product to a Phone

Step 1: Stick the LED strip and the strip holder next to the piano keys so that they align with the key positions.
stick the Led strip

Step 2: Install the LED Piano app on your phone. Available on iOS or Android.
Link App iOs:
Link App ChPlay:

Step 3: Plug the power jack into the control box. If the LED light on the control box blinks slowly and steadily, it means the control circuit is running.

Step 4: Connect the LED strip to your phone. Select “Connect to LED,” choose “OK.” If the LED light on the control box starts blinking faster, it means the LED strip has been connected to the app via Bluetooth. (Note, ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on before hitting connect to LED).
Connect to LED

Step 5: Go to the Basic folder to choose your favorite piece of music and press the Play button to start playing.