The Yamaha TA3 TransAcoustic Upright Piano is a musical masterpiece, meticulously crafted from the finest materials. Featuring an elegant upright design, this piano not only presents a sophisticated appearance but also enhances the charm of any living space. It offers a unique blend of traditional artistry and modern technology, making it a captivating addition to both classical and contemporary settings.

Overview of the Yamaha TA3 TransAcoustic Upright Piano:

  • The TA3 TransAcoustic™ is a genuine acoustic piano equipped with Yamaha’s advanced volume control technology. While it allows for silent play through headphones, the TransAcoustic™ mode lets you control the piano’s volume without compromising the natural sound, even at lower volumes. The soundboard continues to vibrate, allowing you to enjoy the authentic feel and full resonance of acoustic piano sound.
  • Internally, hammers strike the strings opposite the keys, vibrating them to produce sound. The initial sound is amplified by the soundboard, which occupies most of the piano’s interior space, with the entire body of the piano acting as a resonator, creating the rich and complex harmonics characteristic of acoustic instruments. Imagine an acoustic piano that you can adjust in volume while still enjoying the sound design based on its soundboard. That’s the revolutionary step Yamaha has taken with the TransAcoustic™ Piano.
  • The TransAcoustic™ Piano uniquely allows you to mute the sound and even control the volume while immersing yourself in the rich, unique acoustic piano sound. At the heart of the piano, the soundboard amplifies and disseminates the natural sound generated by the transducer, introducing an entirely new way to experience an advanced digital piano. You can now immerse yourself in the piano world whenever inspiration strikes, without concern for time or surroundings.
  • In an acoustic piano, pressing a key causes the hammer to strike the string, producing a faint sound. The string’s vibrations are then amplified by the soundboard located at the piano’s core, and the entire body acts as a resonator, producing a rich, captivating sound. Yamaha’s revolutionary TransAcoustic™ technology leverages the original design and structure of the piano based on its soundboard.
  • TransAcoustic™ technology does not require speakers to produce sound. It uses a transducer to convert sound into vibrations, which then vibrate the soundboard, amplifying them and creating resonance throughout the entire piano. Digital sound sources can be amplified and emitted in this way, using the same sound creation and resonance mechanisms as an acoustic piano, allowing for the reproduction of the unique deep tones of acoustic instruments that players can both hear and feel. Additionally, the digital sound generator includes sounds from two of the world’s most renowned concert grand pianos, the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial, recorded with exquisite quality through stereo sampling.
  • Traditional transducers are too heavy to be mounted on a soundboard and would interfere with its fundamental functions. Therefore, Yamaha developed a dedicated transducer for acoustic pianos, a lightweight component that mounts on the soundboard. This innovation ensures the original acoustic piano sound is authentically reproduced, maintaining the integrity of the soundboard. Additionally, the latest models use Sound Projection sensors that detect the most subtle key movements with utmost precision, authentically reproducing the smallest playing actions and expressive nuances of sound.
Yamaha TA3 TransAcoustic Upright Piano